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About the Resort

The Resort was founded by writer Catherine LaSota and her husband, filmmaker Karl Jacob, as a physical space in Long Island City, Queens, NY for writers to gather and create. Our free virtual community is open to all writers from around the world and provides a place for us to learn together and develop and sustain writing practices together. Our paid membership program provides a supportive environment with a built-in writing group, helpful craft and publishing talks from members of our community, ongoing encouragement, books, and other resources!

Interested in our paid membership program?

Do you enjoy the supportive community of the Resort? Take it to the next level with our affordable paid membership program, which includes all of the following:

  • online group writing sessions at least 4x/month
  • craft and publishing talks 2-4x/month
  • copy of Courtney Maum's BEFORE AND AFTER THE BOOK DEAL mailed to you
  • Q&As with authors and industry professionals
  • accountability support and occasional surprises in the mail
  • additional free book offers, and more!

Our writing sessions and craft & publishing classes take place live via Zoom, and recordings of the classes are made available in our paid membership group online here in the Resort community (the Cabana Club), alongside additional resources and conversations posted exclusively in the Cabana Club group.

Here's what our members are saying:

  • "You've really created something special with this community." -Jules
  • "The Resort writing sessions are trees I've tied myself to while the madness of this time rages all around." -Rascher
  • "Joining the Resort is the best decision I've made all year!" -Sarita¬†

Membership is only $25/month (sign up here)
We offer a discounted rate of $20/month to writers from marginalized communities (sign up here).
More information on our membership program is available here.

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