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About the Resort

At the Resort, we welcome writers of all genres, backgrounds, and experience levels to join our community, to share resources and cheer one another on. We offer inspiration, camaraderie, craft and publishing talks, and more, so that we can all write our stories and get them out into the world.

The writing life can be difficult, so let's make it a less lonely place for one another! We believe in finding the joy in working together and lifting one another up. Our motto is: Find Your Happy Place and Create!

The Resort was founded by writer Catherine LaSota and her husband, filmmaker Karl Jacob, as a physical space in Long Island City, Queens, NY for writers to gather and create. Our freeĀ virtual community is open to all writers from around the world and provides a place for us to learn together and develop and sustain writing practices together.

Our paid membership program, the Cabana Club, provides a supportive environment with a built-in writing group, exclusive craft and publishing talks from members of our community, ongoing encouragement and live online meetups, and other resources, including recordings of select craft and publishing talks at the Resort. Learn more by scrolling down!

(NOTE: We are currently not accepting new members to the Cabana Club membership, but you can still join our free network!)

Benefits of Cabana Club membership

Here's what our Cabana Club members are saying:

  • "Thank you so much for creating this wonderful community and helping us find some room to write." - Katie
  • "The writing sessions are trees I've tied myself to while the madness of this time rages all around." - Rascher
  • "You've really created something special with this virtual community." - Jules
  • "Joining is the best decision I've made all year!" - Sarita

Cabana Club membership includes:

  • online group writing sessions
  • exclusive craft and publishing talks, available ONLY to Cabana Club members
  • coffee meet and greets with fellow members and founder Catherine LaSota
  • accountability support and opportunities to get feedback from fellow members
  • recordings of past craft talks and other exclusive resources

So many ways to support your writing

Check out our different membership plans below, including:

  • free membership in our general Resort network
  • paid monthly membership in our Cabana Club, with two different plan rates available (includes general Resort network access)

    We offer a two week free trial period for the Cabana Club when you sign up, to give you a chance to see all that the Club has to offer and make sure we are an awesome fit for you -- we look forward to seeing you soon!
  • (NOTE: We are currently not accepting new members to the Cabana Club membership, but you can still join our free network!)

Find writing classes, opportunities, and more inside the Resort community network!

Once you join the free Resort network, you'll find lots of great opportunities to explore, including recordings of some of our most popular past courses to purchase, along with awesome bonus content that is ONLY available at the Resort!

Give yourself the gift of space and time for your writing -- only YOU can write your stories, and we look forward to encouraging you here at the Resort, no matter your genre, background, or experience level.

Questions? Feel free to reach out at [email protected]

See you soon, and happy writing!

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